[GE users] Solaris 9, SSH, SGE

Chris Webb c.webb at iop.kcl.ac.uk
Wed Jan 4 19:22:04 GMT 2006


I've had a look around and i cant find an answer to this one so I joined
this list, I am having problems with ssh not quiting properly.

I have the following installed (upgraded from 2 previous versions that
also displayed this problem):


rsh_daemon is set to 'sshd -i' and rsh_command to 'ssh -t', both with a
full path. I can run qrsh -q <linux|sparc> [command] and the command
runs as expected. But where the linux version exits cleanly, the
solaris-sparc version does not, it hangs until you type '~.'. I have
tried this with both the Solaris 9 verison of ssh
(SSH-2.0-Sun_SSH_1.0.1) and OpenSSH 4.2p1, both display the same
symptoms. If you remove the '-t' from the ssh command everything will
exit smoothly (but then you can't use the cursor keys in interactive
programs (matlab)).

Anyone else had this problem?



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