[GE users] Queue definition for 4 Queue

Sebastian ChiefShadow at gmx.de
Tue Jan 10 08:28:59 GMT 2006


we use acutally 10 dual-core nodes, that mean 20 cores.
We run our jobs with LS-DYNA and LAM/MPI, so i just configured Reuti's
Integration, which works.

We almost want only have one job per core, and because of performance we use
the allocation_rule $fill_up, which works.

Now we made 4 Queues, which are configured like these:

queue_name=test.q   Job's Nice=-15   PE=lam2
queue_name=asap.q   Job's Nice=-10   PE=lam1
queue_name=high.q   Job's Nice=1     PE=lam1
queue_name=normal.q Job's Nice=15    PE=lam1

Both lam-PEs have 20 Slots.

Now i think, the queues asap.q,high.q and normal.q share all available
core's and the test.q can run closed.

But when i submit two jobs, one to high.q and another to normal.q, they run
but on one node there run 4 LS-DYNA instance's, that mean 2 jobs per core.

I think i have to define complex values in the queues asap.q,high.q and
normal.q or something like that, that the queues work interactive and share
there infos about the used nodes, or how can i make this work?

Thanks, Kind Regards,


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