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Bernd Dammann bd at imm.dtu.dk
Tue Jan 10 15:04:10 GMT 2006

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Is there anybody in this forum who has experiences with integrating
the new Matlab Distributed Compute Engine (MDCE v2) with SGE?  

MDCE supports three types of schedulers:

1) JobManager - Matlab's own implementation 
2) LSF
3) Generic

ad 1) can't be used in our case, because all user jobs will be executed
   under the same UID (typically root), and since Matlab has a system()
   command ... :-)

So there are only the two external schedulers left, where we (hopefully)
can be sure, that the jobs get executed under the UID of the user
submitting the jobs.

ad 2) We don't have LSF, but I guess SGE is not that different.

ad 3) ML allows to re-define some of the interfaces, so we could
   (probably) write our own support functions to get a (more or less)
   working interface.  Has somebody done this, and is willing to share
   experiences with us?

Best regards,

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   print unpack("u", "<22!K;F5W('1H870@>6]U)VQL(&1O('1H870A\"@``" );

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