[GE users] Queue definition for 4 Queue

Stephan Grell - Sun Germany - SSG - Software Engineer stephan.grell at sun.com
Wed Jan 11 08:43:02 GMT 2006

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Hi Sebastian,

based on your description, you have 2 myslots on each host. Every
running job
requests myslots, regardless of the queue it is running in. When you do
a qstat -F myslots
you will most likely see, that all myslots are consumed or that there
are not
enough left to run your lam2 job.
Though, I would assume, that you setup is working. If you use all your
to mimic job priorities, you might want to look into the queue
subordinate concept.


Sebastian wrote On 01/10/06 13:32,:

>I tried a little bit with complex values and defined this:
>for each execution host the consumable attribute myslots1 and myslots2 with
>the value 2.
>then i defined two complexes myslots1 and myslots2 which are consumable and
>requestable with default=1.
>i gave the queues asap.q, high.q and normal.q the complex myslots1=2 and the
>test.q the complex myslots2=2.
>I thougt this can really work, but it doesn't
>There is a error "cannot run because available slots combined under PE lam2
>are not in range of job"
>I just have 2 lam's, all other jobs are running in lam1, why did i get this
>error for a other PE named lam2?
>Kind Regards, Sebastian
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>>Betreff: [GE users] Queue definition for 4 Queue
>>Datum: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 09:28:59 +0100 (MET)
>>we use acutally 10 dual-core nodes, that mean 20 cores.
>>We run our jobs with LS-DYNA and LAM/MPI, so i just configured Reuti's
>>Integration, which works.
>>We almost want only have one job per core, and because of performance we
>>the allocation_rule $fill_up, which works.
>>Now we made 4 Queues, which are configured like these:
>>queue_name=test.q   Job's Nice=-15   PE=lam2
>>queue_name=asap.q   Job's Nice=-10   PE=lam1
>>queue_name=high.q   Job's Nice=1     PE=lam1
>>queue_name=normal.q Job's Nice=15    PE=lam1
>>Both lam-PEs have 20 Slots.
>>Now i think, the queues asap.q,high.q and normal.q share all available
>>core's and the test.q can run closed.
>>But when i submit two jobs, one to high.q and another to normal.q, they
>>but on one node there run 4 LS-DYNA instance's, that mean 2 jobs per core.
>>I think i have to define complex values in the queues asap.q,high.q and
>>normal.q or something like that, that the queues work interactive and
>>there infos about the used nodes, or how can i make this work?
>>Thanks, Kind Regards,
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