[GE users] Interaction between Exec-Host Fixed Attributes and Queue Values/Complexes

Sebastian ChiefShadow at gmx.de
Thu Jan 12 09:02:22 GMT 2006


i tried to make some definitions with complexes to make the SGE work like we
like it.

But it doesn't work an because of this i have some questions that i
understand the connection between all the managable values.

I think the highest instance is the host with his fixed attributes.
If in the queue things like slots are defined, this overwritte the value
given by the host, right?

I tried following to have one queue, which only can run 1 Job per Node (Dual
Core Node, that means 2 Slots per Node, right?), and a secound queue, which
can always put 1 Job on each Node to a running, that maximum 2 Jobs can run.

I defined each host with a slot-count of 4.
I defined a complex "myslots" similar to slots.
I defined each host with a myslots-count of 2.

Now i made two queues, the one named "normal.q", which can always just run 1
Job per Node and a second, which named "test.q", which can put a second job
on each node.

Now i defined both with a PE lam1 which has 999 Slots (this is just for this
Both queues have 2 Slots per Node and the queue normal.q has the complex

Now i thougt, this can work, but it doesn't.
Is there an error in reasoning or why doesn't this work?

Kind Regards,
i hope you can help,


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