[GE users] windows installation issues

asa hammond asa at assembleco.com
Tue Jan 17 10:11:53 GMT 2006

I am having troubles installing gridengine n1 on windows.

I am unable to run the install_execd script all the way through  
completion.  It will quit me out when it tries to find the current  
default cell directory as if I have not installed qmaster before  
although the paths are correct.
At this point I hacked into the script and followed along with the  
install process disabling things along the way which do not work.  I  
have manually added entries into the cluster queue for these  
machines, added them as admin and exec hosts, given them the correct  
slots, added them to @allhosts.
When I try and run the /opt/gridengine/default/common/sgeexecd on win  
it hangs for a long while, then prints out that it has started  
sge_execd and exits.  Checking ps ax |grep sge gives me nothing. OK.   
so I go and launch the binary directly in SGE_ROOT/bin/sge_execd  
which launches, shows up in ps as well as in qmon on a linux box.  
Success!  But actually no.  The queue instance never changes from au  
and will not accept any test jobs I submit to it.  I do get an error  
saying that sge_execd cannot find a configuration for the windows  
machine so it is using the default configuration.

I am able to qstat and qconf from the windows box, so paths and  
things seem like they are OK.

I have installed the interix tools (unix services for windows) and  
set everything up so that I can rsh into the machines with my ldap  
users (dumped into passwd and group files) and I can su to a random  
user in an interix shell. When I create a file as WINDOWSBOX 
+Administrator on the network that file gets created as root:root.

Anyone gone through this process and have some wisdom to share? Has  
anyone used bash as an interix shell? The default shells seem kind of  
broken, ie no tab completion when I rsh I get no up arrow to get back  
last line, no backspace (ctrl h  must be used), etc.

Thanks much in advance.


Assemble       p.510.524.8255  f.510.295.2710   742 Gilman St,  
Berkeley CA 94710-1327

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