[GE users] Does SGE knows the real memory consumption of a host at scheduling time?

Goncalo Borges goncalo at lip.pt
Tue Jan 17 20:07:30 GMT 2006

Hi there,

I have the following question:

Let's imagine that I have an execution host associated to 2 different 
queues. Suppose that there is one job (job A) already running in queue A 
of this exec host and that it is spending all the available memory.

Imagine now that another user (who doesn't know nothing about Job A)
wants to submit a job (job B) in the same exec host but in a 
different queue (queue B). 

1) Does SGE automatically detects that the memory consumption is very 
high, and thus, it will not execute job B (although queue B is free)? 

2) If this is not the case, do you know how can I can enable this 

I know that there is the possibility that the user submitting job B can 
request a given ammount of memory. If this memory is not available, than 
the job will not execute. However, this procedure takes for granted 
the fact that the user must know the memory that his job will need, a 
non-trivial assumption. Therefore, i would prefer somekind of automatic 

Maybe it can be implemented using a load_sensor ?!

Any help?

Thanks in advance

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