[GE users] Memory reservation

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 18 12:19:05 GMT 2006

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006, Michael Green wrote:

> On 12/15/05, Andreas Haas <Andreas.Haas at sun.com> wrote:
> > You need to decide how you wish your memory resource be managed
> >
> >    (1) You can use only a memory consumable
> >    (2) You can use only a memory load value
> >    (3) You can use a combination of memory load value and memory consumable
> >
> > if you use -l h_vmem as I recommended you have model (1) only. For purposes of
> > RR that is sufficient, if any noteworthy workload is under control of Grid
> > Engine.
> >
> > If this is not the case, then you need to use model (3). For this you need a
> > "h_vmem" load value in addition to the "h_vmem" consumable. That can be achieved
> > by configuring a memory load sensor e.g. based on Grid Engine
> > utilbin/lx24-x86/loadcheck binary. If you want to pursue this you need to decide
> > which type of memory should become base of "h_vmem" load value.
> I understand, however for the purpose of load value, cannot I just use
> mem_free which is already configured and works?
> bioinfo4:~ # qstat -F | grep mem_free | head -n 4
>         hl:mem_free=572.523M
>         hl:mem_free=396.406M
>         hl:mem_free=296.379M
>         hl:mem_free=381.293M

Surely you can, but it is not the ideal solution for case (3). With
mem_free resource consumption is monitored though, but over-utilization
is not stopped by GE in case multiple processes altogher consume more
memory than foreseen by -l switch. Memory limit enforcement on a per
job level is done against jobs -l h_vmem request only.


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