[GE users] dedicated master (admin/submit) host

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Jan 18 14:47:04 GMT 2006

Hi Bill,

The admin/submit functions are relatively small resource consumers.  
The biggest resource usage is by the node that hosts sge_schedd and  
sge_qmaster. The number of active and pending jobs in a system will  
determine how much CPU and Memory SGE is grabbing from the host  
system. For 1000 pending/active jobs this should be trivial on most  
server class systems.

For a 15 node cluster with 1000 jobs pending it should be no problem  
to have the SGE master be on the same machine where people are doing  
submit/admin tasks. At most you may want to bump up the physical  
memory if you need to.

For smaller clusters, the big pain point comes when people run a  
central NFS server on the same machine as the SGE master. In those  
cases it becomes beneficial to separate out fileservice and SGE  
service onto separate hosts.


On Jan 18, 2006, at 9:36 AM, Bill Knebel wrote:

> I had a question that I am sure has been asked in some way.  We  
> have a small cluster ( 7 nodes) that performs serial jobs only. The  
> nodes are dual Xeon's. We limit the jobs so that only  one job runs  
> per CPU becuase they are  primarily CPU bound/intensive. We will be  
> adding an additional 8 nodes (dual Opterons).  On many occasions we  
> have 500 - 1000 jobs pending but at other times the cluster is  
> empty. We run jobs on all nodes (all nodes are set up as execute  
> nodes and one is both an exec host and a master (submit/admin)  
> host) .  I was wondering at what point, if ever, it becomes  
> necessary to dedicate one cpu or  one node (2 cpu's) to the SGE  
> admin/submit host functions and remove it as an execute host.  Can  
> anybody shed some light on this given their experience or point me  
> in the direction of some info?
> Bill
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