[GE users] tight intergration problem

Jean-Paul Minet minet at cism.ucl.ac.be
Mon Jan 23 13:31:22 GMT 2006

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> for using qrsh the /etc/hosts.equiv isn't necessary. I set this just  to 
> reflect the login node on all exec nodes to allow interactive qrsh/ 
> qlogin sessions.

OK, got this.

> As qrsh will use a chosen port: any firewall and/or etc/hosts.(allow| 
> deny) configured? - Reuti

No firewall nor hosts.xxx.  The problem was from wrong mode set on rsh/rlogin on 
exec nodes (I had played with those following some hints for qrsh problem 
solving on the SGE FAQ, which probably messed up everything).

MPI jobs can now run with qrsh... CPU time displayed by "qstat -ext" is no 
longer 0... but it corresponds to a single cpu!

2218 0.24170 0.24169 Test_abini minet        NA               grppcpm    r 
0:00:12:09 205.41073 0.00000 74727     0     0 71428  3298 0.04  all.q at lmexec-88 

This job started about 12 minutes earlier, and runs on 2 cpus.  Shouldn't the 
displayed "cpu" be the sum of all cpu times or is this the correct behavior?

Thks for your input


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