[GE users] moving job to top of queue

Raymond Chan raychan at ucdavis.edu
Thu Jan 26 23:30:40 GMT 2006

Hi all,


Let's say I have a large queue, and someone in that queue has been waiting
patiently for their turn for a long time.  Now that it is their turn
(they're now at the #1 spot trying to run the job), and my app crashes or
some other unforeseen error occurs in which I or he must cancel the job
until the problem is fixed.  He will then have to resubmit his job, but now
will have to wait in line again.  Is there a way for me as the Admin, to
allow him to jump to the very top of the queue w/ some sort of command that
shuffles the job I want all the way to the top again?  This way it can be
fair if something like this happens, rather than having him wait a long time
for another shot at running the job.




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