[GE users] Considering SGE vs. Torque

Stephan Grell - Sun Germany - SSG - Software Engineer stephan.grell at sun.com
Tue Jan 31 08:30:46 GMT 2006

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Leo Butler wrote:

> Greetings,
> I've been tasked with recommending a job control/scheduling system for our
> small startup. I'm previously a LSF user so my knowledge/understanding is
> a bit LSF-centric; for instance I have read about how queues differ on 
> SGE,
> but I'm not sure what that means has really sunk in yet.
> At any rate, the needs here are pretty basic and seem to be covered by the
> SGE feature set, but as someone here has previously used PBS there's some
> consideration being paid to its follow-on Torque. I've been reading up 
> on it as
> well, and one thing that seems clear is that Torque has a very 
> simplistic scheduler
> and at least Maui would be needed on top of Torque but more likely 
> Moab would
> be needed which gets us into a supported tool for a price. Not out of 
> the question,
> but it's not clear it's a better option than SGE. I'd like to not be 
> revisiting the job
> control system a year from now...
> Does anyone have some experience with both programs that can tell me how
> SGE's scheduler compares? What we basically need is:
>  - delay job start until FlexLM says license is available
>  - some resource specification (memory, ncpus, etc)
>  - easy to add desktop workstations to machine pool at night, and method
>    for users to disable this when working late

That can be easily done. The question is what kind of operating system is
running on the workstations. If you are talking Windows, you would need
the N1GE 6 System, which is not Open Source.
For disabeling a machine, a user can be made owner of all queue instances
on his machine. This will allow him to enable disable his host for Grid 


> Thanks in advance for your insights.
> - Leo

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