[GE users] smp environment trouble

k.radacki k.radacki at mail.uni-wuerzburg.de
Tue Jun 6 09:49:18 BST 2006

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Reuti wrote:

> Am 04.06.2006 um 15:00 schrieb k.radacki:
>> <snip>
>>> You attached this PE also to a queue of your coice (using $pe_slots)?
>> Nope... How should I do it?
> Using "qconf -mq <qname>", which will open a vi, by appending "smp"  
> to the entry "pe_list", where you will find already "make". For  
> details please have a look at "man queue_conf". - Reuti

Dear Thomas,
 my auphoria was to early. When I sent one job, the queue started it, 
but exactly the same script (just copied between to directories) did't 
work 2nd time.

job-ID  prior   name       user         state submit/start at     
queue                          slots ja-task-ID
     30 0.60500 MnBu       kris         r     06/04/2006 16:45:21 
all.q at hall1.khazad.dum             2       
     47 0.50500 PdMo-IR    kris         r     06/05/2006 23:18:36 
all.q at hall6.khazad.dum             1       
     22 0.50500 SiH        kris         r     06/04/2006 01:25:50 
all.q at hall7.khazad.dum             1       
     50 0.60500 H2         kris         qw    06/06/2006 

As you can see the one in top is the 1st I sent and in between I tested 
some more runs (the last is quite compex -- single point H2 molecule :-)
It was not important if I used $pe_slots or $fill_up result was the same 
(hanging in queue).
You have writen: "BTW: slots in the PE definition are the slots used in 
total for  this  PE at the same time. Often it's advisable to set it to 
two  times the  number of hosts for dual machines. "
I have to said that slots stil confuse me. I thought that the meaning of 
slot is how many single-proc jobs can a machine start. In case of 
dual-proc machine two, and in my smp definition I had slots set to 2. 
Now, what I want to do, is to start g03 only in smp modus (no linda or 
so ever). I did as you have written -- I enlarged slots but only to 4 -- 
and than the job was started.
What sens has it?
I haven't change slots count on computing hosts (actually I couldn't 
find how to do it), so all hosts have 2 of them. I have 10 hosts, I 
request "-pe smp 2" -- nothing happens.
I changed in smp_conf  slots 4 and than suddenly it works. I never 
requested more than 2 -- so why?


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