[GE users] Application Server Submitting on Behalf of a User

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Jun 16 23:58:24 BST 2006

Am 16.06.2006 um 23:18 schrieb Langston, Chris:

> Hi All,
> This is my first time requesting information from this mailing  
> list, so
> please bear with me. My challenge is; how to submit jobs from a server
> to SGE on behalf of a user. Currently, users are running a Java
> application on their Windows desktop to execute a server side C++
> program using RMI. The program is scheduled using a home-grown
> scheduling software that is being replaced with SGE (v6.0u7).
> Authentication is currently handled thru an authentication server.
> Here's my dilemma: I'm looking for a light-weight solution to  
> submit to
> the grid (I've looked at the Grid Engine Portal and that solution -
> although not completely out of the question - is too heavy  
> (overkill) -
> requiring too many other pieces to be put in place to get it to work.
> Does anyone know of a small, elegant solution to have a server  
> (running
> as the server ID) submit a job to SGE on behalf of a user (after
> authentication)?

I'm not really sure whether this is a possible way for you, but we  
here want to give the users the option to use the cluster without any  
knowledge of the underlying queuing system. So for various programs  
we have some scripts prepared, which will create the job script on- 
the-fly, submit it and delete it afterwards again. The user only has  
to prepare their input file for the executable porgram and that's all.

Scribble of the idea (real scripts have error checking and some  

# subcalc <inputfile>
exec 3>~/temp.sh
cat >&3 <<-EOF
	#$ -N Demojob
	#$ -m ea
	/opt/the_binary < $1
exec 3>&-
qsub ~/temp.sh
rm ~/temp.sh

So the user only has to give the comand:

subcalc my_input_file

and  this is all. This you could put in one ssh command line from a  
windows machine.

ssh myserver subcalc my_input_file

Only problem: where is the inputfile. (Be aware that the indention is  
one TAB.) But anyway: let me know, if this would be an option for you  
and I can send you some of our real scripts.

HTH - Reuti

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