[GE users] lack of setup.sql and view.sql for install postgresql in arco, anyone who has please give me

heyu at dawning.com.cn heyu at dawning.com.cn
Mon Jun 19 06:02:44 BST 2006

hello ,everyone!
  this is my first letter to the maillist.
  i want to ask for help:  i'm gonna to install the arco part of n1ge, but
just as the installation manual said - there should be setup.sql and
view.sql in $sge-root/dbwriter/database/postgres/ to setup postgresql, but
i can't find them in the n1ge-6_0u4-arco.zip or n1ge-6_0u4-arco.tar.gz
downloaded from sun's web site. but where can i find them?

  Anyone who has them please help me, give me these 2 file!

<<N1 Grid Engine 6 Installation Guide>> says:
How to Set Up a PostgreSQL Database
1. Log in as the database superuser, for example, postgres.
# su - postgres
2. Create the owner of the database.
> createuser -P arco_write
Enter password for new user:
Enter it again:
Shall the new user be allowed to create databases? (y/n) y
Shall the new user be allowed to create more new users? (y/n) n
3. Create the database for accounting and reporting.
> createdb -O arco_write arco
4. Create the tables and views of arco_data as user arco_write.
> psql -f sge-root/dbwriter/database/postgres/setup.sql arco arco_write
> psql -f sge-root/dbwriter/database/postgres/view.sql arco arco_write

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