[GE users] Application Server Submitting on Behalf of a User

Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at arvinmeritor.com
Mon Jun 19 14:10:13 BST 2006

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Hi Chris,

I only have a very ugly workaround (may or may not meet your security

The application gets called thru a wrapper that invokes itself via 'sudo'.
The final submission to the GridEngine then occurs as the submitting user.

I've gutted one of my scripts to give you an idea - it thus may not work
straight out of the box.


# sge starter for XXX -
# requires corresponding entry for executing '$0' in /etc/sudoers
# eg,
# ---------------
# User_Alias      SGE= cfdadmin
# Runas_Alias     GTP= %cfd
# Cmnd_Alias      GTEXEC= /opt/n1ge6/default/site/gtexecd

# <gridengine>
# =======================
# standard start options, intercept KILL
#$ -S /bin/sh -cwd -j y -notify
# request specific queues and resources
# =======================
# </gridengine>

# <settings>
: ${SGE_ROOT:=/opt/n1ge6}
: ${SGE_CELL:=default}

# job information provided by submitting application (in job.info):

unset USERNAME			# avoid any possible problems

for i in $SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/site/environ job.info
do [ -f $i ] && . $i; done

# </settings>

# first pass
if [ -z "$JOB_ID" ]; then
   if [ "$1" = "-nosudo" ]; then	# trap previous sudo
   elif [ -n "$USERNAME" -a "$USERNAME" != "$USER" ]; then
      exec sudo -S -u $USERNAME $0 -nosudo $@
      exitcode=$?	# retain exitcode

      [ "$exitcode" == 0 ] || {
        echo "could not change to $USERNAME"
	exit $exitcode

   # drop thru for normal usage
DATE=[`date +'%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S'`]


   info=`$SGE_BINARY_PATH/qsub $0 $@ 2>&1`

   [ "$exitcode" == 0 ] || {
     echo "Error submitting job"
     exit $exitcode

   # parse qsub output:
   #  Your job 18023 ("foo") has been submitted.
   # fix this when the proposed '-batch' option comes

   # Record the job ID for use by kill scripts

   exit $exitcode
  # entry point for qsub job - dispatch the problem
  echo "(II) job_id  $JOB_ID"
  echo "(II) queue   ${QUEUE:-NULL}"
  echo "(II) host    ${HOSTNAME:-NULL}"

  # with '-notify' we receive
  #   STOP => USR1 (suspend)
  #   KILL => USR2 (kill)
  ###  trap 'stop_aux' USR1 USR2 EXIT


  echo "(--) done"

exit 0
# ------------------------------------------------------------ end-of-file

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