[GE users] Can this policy be implemented in grid engine?

Jose A. Rodriguez jose.rodriguez at ac.upc.edu
Tue Jun 20 10:19:12 BST 2006

	Hi there!

	I'm evaluating grid engine for use in a 80 node cluster. Grid engine
	is easy to use and powerful, but I'm not sure if it can implement
	the policy I need:

	- All queue slots can be used by an user if there are no jobs from
		other users
	- If there are several users, queue slots should be equally divided
	Example (queue Q with 10 slots):

	- User A submits 20 jobs
		= User A gets 10 slots (10 more jobs in the waiting queue)
	- User B submits 10 jobs
		= User B and User A should get 5 slots each one. User B
		will get them when 5 user A's jobs finish. User A won't
		run more jobs till user B gets his share.
	- User C submits 10 jobs
		= User A should get 4 slots, user B 3 and user C 3 more.
		As before, user C will get slots when they become free.

	Is this possible?

	Thanks in advance,
Jose A. Rodriguez            OOO  Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
josear at ac.upc.edu            OOO  Departament d'Arquitectura de Computadors
Tel. 16990                   OOO                 -*- LCAC -*- 

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