[GE users] Re: History of GridEngine -- was Re: [GE users] logo/mascot of GridEngine?

Rayson Ho rayrayson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 16:08:36 BST 2006

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Your IT guys are indeed correct:

Global Resource Director (GRD): Customer Scenarios for Large Multiprocessor


*"GRD originated from a joint development of Raytheon Systems Comapny of
Garland TX, Instrumental Inc of St. Paul MN, and GENIAS Software Gmbh of
Neutraubling Germany."*

And CODINE is basically Gridengine in SGE mode, and GRD adds SGEEE mode. May
be Fritz can send you a copy of the paper if you don't have IEEE access...


On 6/22/06, Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com <Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com> wrote:
> The guys in our IT department always claimed that Raytheon developed GE.
>  The history section of the wiki doesn't even suggest it, but the text
> below, taken from a Raytheon newsletter dated Summer 2002, suggests Raytheon
> had a much bigger role.  I was just wondering if there was a more detailed
> history of the timeline available?  I know that at one time Raytheon was
> part of the support tier for GE, but not anymore.  This is just a curiosity
> question - I tend to think that the our IT guys are overemphasizing
> Raytheon's role.  Perhaps raytheon just provided oversight?  Perhaps this is
> relating to a completely different product with a similar name.

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