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Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
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> http://www.techtransfer.fsu.edu/showcase/dqs.html

I've once seen a huge diagram of the roots and connections of all the
queuing systems: NQS, DQS, LSF, Condor, LoadLeveler, PBS, SGE, CODINE, NQE,
JES, the VAX queuing, ....

If someone is able to find it, would be nice to have the link for the

A thanks to our father DQS still can be found in our source code in


> Am 22.06.2006 um 16:39 schrieb Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com:
>> The guys in our IT department always claimed that Raytheon developed GE. 
>> The history section of the wiki doesn't even suggest it, but the text 
>> below, taken from a Raytheon newsletter dated Summer 2002, suggests 
>> Raytheon had a much bigger role.  I was just wondering if there was a more 
>> detailed history of the timeline available?  I know that at one time 
>> Raytheon was part of the support tier for GE, but not anymore.  This is 
>> just a curiosity question - I tend to think that the our IT guys are 
>> overemphasizing Raytheon's role.  Perhaps raytheon just provided oversight? 
>> Perhaps this is relating to a completely different product with a similar 
>> name.
>> ----------------- quote from article ----------------------
>> Raytheon boosts BP?s high-performance computing power
>> By Pat McKenna
>> A computer software package that Raytheon co-developed and originally coded 
>> in 1995 is paying big dividends for one of the world?s largest 
>> petrochemicals companies. Users of GridEngine Enterprise Edition at BP?s 
>> high-performance computing center in Houston report the software has raised 
>> utilization of their powerful SGI Origin 3400 supercomputers from 49 
>> percent in the first quarter of 2001 to 63.5 percent for the same period 
>> this year.
>> GridEngine is a distributed resource management software package that 
>> combines computing power to deliver it as a network service. GridEngine 
>> software is used with a set of computers to create powerful compute farms, 
>> which are used in a wide range of technical computing applications such as 
>> the development of semiconductors, mechanical design, software development, 
>> and financial analysis. Also, massively scaling supercomputers use 
>> GridEngine software in a variety of academic and research pursuits. Users 
>> enjoy access to large computing capability and organizations enjoy 
>> effective utilization of their computing resource investments approaching 
>> 100 percent.
>> According to Craig Stair, a principal systems engineer for Raytheon in 
>> Garland, Texas, GridEngine optimally places computing tasks and balances 
>> the load on a set of networked computers, allowing users to generate and 
>> queue more computing tasks. It also ensures that tasks are executed with 
>> respect to priority, providing all users with a fair share of access over 
>> time.
>> ?GridEngine allows for the dynamic adjustment of priorities as the jobs 
>> run,? Stair said. ?What that means is that more jobs get done quicker. 
>> Fewer processors sit idle so more jobs get done.?
>> GridEngine was originally written and co-developed by Raytheon?s Imagery 
>> and Geospatial Systems in Garland and Genias Software GmbH in Germany for 
>> use at the Army Research Laboratory. Since then Genias has been acquired by 
>> Sun Microsystems, which has made GridEngine an open source code, thereby 
>> eliminating licensing fees. Because of Raytheon?s unique knowledge of the 
>> code and design, it has been able to offer support services for GridEngine 
>> unrivaled by others.
>> According to Stair, there are quite a few high-performance computers 
>> running the open-source version of the program while Raytheon supports 
>> several government and commercial customers, including BP, which is using 
>> GridEngine to manage supercomputers processing information for ?upstream? 
>> development, mainly deep-water oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.
>> ?GridEngine queuing has made our computers more effective, which, in turn, 
>> has made our researchers more effective,? said Keith Gray, manager of 
>> high-performance computing for BP Upstream Digital Business. ?Our 
>> researchers no longer have to wake up in the middle of night to check on 
>> status of jobs.
>> ?We?ve found that our researchers can support bigger projects because of 
>> the easy-to-use queuing environment that GridEngine offers. If fact, we?ve 
>> found cases where we?ve seen 10- to 15-percent improvement in some clusters 
>> because of GridEngine,? Gray said.
>> ----------------- endquote from article ----------------------
>> Thanks,
>> Brett Grant
>> "Rayson Ho" <rayrayson at gmail.com>
>> 06/22/2006 07:08 AM
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>> users at gridengine.sunsource.net
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>> Re: [GE users] logo/mascot of GridEngine?
>> The updated version has corrected the naming problem, and added the SGE 
>> logo:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Grid_Engine
>> BTW, there are _way to many_ names for SGE...
>> Rayson
>> On 6/12/06, Andy Schwierskott <andy.schwierskott at sun.com> wrote:
>>> Rayson,
>>> nice effort!
>>> > In 2004, I created the Wikipedia page,
>>> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_GridEngine . However, I just feel
>>> a small correction/question:
>>>   Sun Grid Engine (SGE), earlier known as Sun GridEngine
>>> shouldn't it say:
>>>   Sun Grid Engine (SGE), earlier known as CODINE (COmputing in Distributed
>>>   Networked Environmnets) from Genias Software, Germany ....
>>> we never had the name "Sun GridEngine".
>>> And in the History section:
>>>   ... and renamed the product GridEngine.
>>>   should say
>>>       and  renamed the product to Sun Grid Engine
>>> > that it is a bit boring to have a page but without any graphics...
>>> >
>>> > Is this pic available to public domain??
>>> > http://gridengine.sunsource.net/branding/images/ge_logo.gif
>>> >
>>> > What is the offical mascot of GridEngine??
>>> Well, the logo falls under the SISSL since it comes from the CVS 
>>> repository,
>>> so there should be no problem to use it. However we are just thinking 
>>> about
>>> to create a new logo - I'm still looking for a sponsor first a small 
>>> Amazon
>>> voucher or something like this for the winner;-)
>>> Andy
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