[GE users] job killed with qdel does not update cpu time in qacct...

Nicolas Bock nbock at lanl.gov
Wed Mar 1 23:09:47 GMT 2006

On Mar 1, 2006, at 1:42 PM, Nicolas Bock wrote:

> Hello list,
> I noticed that a job which is killed with qdel does not cause the  
> CPU time in qacct for that user to go up. Wallclock on the other  
> hand is updated and correctly reflects how long the job was run.  
> This is with 6.0u6. This is especially noticable in a sharetree. A  
> user who kills his jobs after a while, say having written some  
> restart files, will not get credited for his CPU time consumption  
> and the number of tickets he will receive will not go down. Is that  
> a known problem, or did I maybe make a mistake?

I would like to add another observation I made: I played with the  
h_rt and h_cpu limits of the queue. I found that if a job gets killed  
because it hits the h_rt limit, only the walltime is updated in qacct  
for that user. If on the other hand the job gets killed because it  
hits the h_cpu limit, both the walltime _and_ the cputime are update  
correctly. I observed the same behavior when the job is submitted  
with -l h_cpu=... versus -l h_rt=....


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