[GE users] Normal and LAM/MPI jobs : concurents jobs

christophe.caron at jouy.inra.fr christophe.caron at jouy.inra.fr
Sat Mar 4 00:55:43 GMT 2006


I run sge 6.0 update 6 and LAM 7.1.1

I've configured SGE / LAM with tight integration

I use a basic fair share policy : each user has the same weight.

My configuration works.

I've only one problem :

  Cluster is full with non lam jobs and the queue is full with the
same user (ex : 20 jobs in qw )
  Another user submit a MPI jobs which need 2 CPU
  The job is in qw mode but it is in the first of the queue (fair share is 
  But when a slot will be free, the MPI job will not run because it needs 2 
CPU ! And the cluster will be full by one of the 20 normal job.

Is there any clue to find a policy to solve this problem with only one 
queue configuration ?



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