[GE users] qacct exit status

laikwong laikwong at comp.nus.edu.sg
Tue Mar 7 09:45:57 GMT 2006

I am using qacct -j <job_id> to get the exit status of my jobs.
However, the exit_status I receive is often non-zero, but as far as I am
concerned, the job I submitted has executed "correctly".
granted_pe   NONE                
slots        1                   
failed       0    
exit_status  80                  
Is there a resource where I can lookup to determine the meanings of the exit
codes? Or is there a reason why my jobs might have a non-zero exit status
despite the fact that I think they exectued "correctly". 
What I really need is a clear indication from "somewhere" in SGE that either
the job has completed successfully or has failed. I am basically only
interested in these 2 outcomes SUCCESS | FAILURE, how it fails I am not so
concerned at this point in time (possibly in the near future I might be
interested to know).

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