[GE users] Upgrade from 6.0u1 -> 6.0u7_1 and changing from bdb server spool to bdb file spool.

Marco Donauer - SUN Microsystems Marco.Donauer at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 7 16:05:12 GMT 2006

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Hello Stefan,

you can use the backup and restore option of the install script.
With inst_sge -bup the complete database and all necessary files will be 
If you have additional file anywhere please also do a backup of these.
With inst_sge -restore you can restore the databse the the files.
But becare ful, the backup restore also the bootstrap file, this is used 
for restore.
The bootstrap file provides the info if the spooling is on server or on 

I would propose the following:

1. inst_sge -bup (not into a tar/gz archive, you will be asked for), and 
backup "your" files
2. install the new system with bdb file spooling (no bdb server)
3. change the bootstrap files, take the old with server info out and 
copy in the bootstrap from new installation
4. inst_sge -restore
5. do your personal settings.

This is the first time I know, where this procedure is done, so please 
always do backups.
As I know, the direct upgrade from u1 to u7 is no possible, due to 
database changes, you have to go over u2 I guess. But this is described 
within the upgrade doc.


Stefan.O.Nordlander at astrazeneca.com wrote:

>I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with upgrading SGE 6x and
>keeping all config/accounting/etc.
>We're about to upgrade our 6.0u1 to 6.0u7 and at the same time move from BDB
>server spooling to BDB files.
>What's the best/easiest way to do this? We currently have a dir structure
>with ../SunOneGridengine/6.0u1, 6.0u7, current -> 6.0u7 which I would like
>to keep. So simply doing an inst_sge --upgrade-or-whatever is not the best
>way for us.
>We have a custom script that populates SGE with hosts, queues etc. But I'm
>afraid that the "live" config has been edited through qconf/qmon so it's a
>bit out of sync. And I understand the config resides in the BDB spool
>directory and moving from BDB server to BDB files will probably reset these
>changes. What I would like is the dump this config and somehow import it
>into a fresh installation.
>Is there any way to save the config's from the server into "files" that can
>be used later?
>Sorry if I didn't explain this very well, I blame too much coffee and to
>little sleep.. ;)
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