[GE globus] SGE 6.x - Submission Host only

Viktor Achter VAchter at Uni-Koeln.de
Sun Mar 12 17:15:13 GMT 2006

I was wondering if someone could help me out in some configuration
issue concerning the SGE. I read lots of manuals, but somehow I seem
to miss the point.
We have a cluster running SGE (V 6.x) with a dedicated master host and
dozens of execution hosts. 
Also we want to use globus 4.x to place jobs into a local SGE
Due to stability, we want to have Globus 4.0 running on a seperate host.
The way I understand it, it is possible to install SGE on this
separate computer to only be a submission host, that takes the batch
jobs from Globus and places them into some queue of the master host. 
Somehow I don't see, how I can install SGE to only be a submission
host. Also, I haven't found out, how I can connect this SGE
installation to the master hosts SGE installation, so that jobs, that
are submitted on the submission host get inserted in the queue of the
master host.
Can someone help me out here?
Thanks in advanced!

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