[GE Portal] job only run on submite host.

Frank Sun frank.sun at lamar.edu
Wed Mar 15 15:45:11 GMT 2006

Sun Grid 5.3 installed on an AMD64 machine with Fedora 4 as submitting
host and master host.  Execution host are Linux x86 Fedora 3.  sge_commd
use 537/tcp in etc/service. Tested rsh it is working properly.  When
submitted a job which compiled in AMD64 master host, the job only run on
master.  Qstat show the job only on other execution for seconds then
disappear. Message file does not have any record.  Checking port stat by
nmap -a hostname, sge_commd does not showed on. Port 535 is iiop.  Any
reason for job does not on execution host?

Thank you,

Frank Sun

Technical Support Analyst, Sr.
Computer Science Department
Lamar University

PO Box 10056
Beaumont, TX 77710-0056
Fax: (409)880-2364 

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