[GE users] How to clear internal hostname cache?

Kim Leng Goh kimleng.goh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 12:09:58 GMT 2006

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Hi Andy,

On 3/21/06, Andy Schwierskott <andy.schwierskott at sun.com> wrote:
> Hi
> did you already shutdown qmaster/schedd/commd and restart them?
> qmaster/commd restart will happen pretty quick (unless you have zillions of
> jobs in the cluster), so there will be only a short service interruption.
> Note:  qconf -ks -km does not kill cod_commd, so you need to kill sge_commd
> seperately. Once qmaster is down you can safely send a SIGKILL.

  I haven't restarted SGE on the frontend node. Yes, I think
restarting would work but thought maybe there are other ways to solve
the problem. I was just afraid the jobs on the compute nodes would go
haywire and the users might go crazy.

> Of course the recommendation in the thread is right: Do a "grep" in the
> default/common and qmaster spool directory to check for any old references
> *in* the spoolded filed:
>      cd <qmaster_spool_dir>
>      grep network-0-0 *
>      grep network-0-0 */*
>      cd <sge_root>/<cell/common
>      grep network-0-0 *
>      grep network-0-0 */*

[root at compute-0-7 lx24-amd64]# cd /opt/gridengine/
[root at compute-0-7 gridengine]# grep -ir network-0-0 *
[root at compute-0-7 gridengine]#

On the frontend (unless SGE is using the "messages" file as a sort of cache):

[root at frontend gridengine]# grep -ir network-0-0 *
default/spool/qmaster/messages:Tue Mar 14 20:26:45
2006|qmaster|frontend|E|denied: queue "network-0-0.q" does not exist
default/spool/qmaster/messages:Tue Mar 14 20:26:45
2006|qmaster|frontend|E|denied: execution host "network-0-0.local"
does not exist


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