[GE users] Execution Hosts on 'au' status

Baudilio Tejerina tejerina at chem.northwestern.edu
Wed Mar 22 03:17:30 GMT 2006


I've just installed  'GE 6.0u7' and added two execution hosts.  
Although the installation proceeded apparently all right, the two  
instances are in 'au' status

qstat -f   shows:

queuename                      qtype used/tot. load_avg arch           
all.q at cesium BIP   0/2       -NA-     -NA-          au
all.q at scandium BIP   0/1       -NA-     -NA-          au

I have noticed that there is no sgg_execd daemon running. For  
example, in the host scandium, If I manually start it, by  '/etc/ 
init.d/sgeexecd', the system replies  "starting sge_execd". But no  
trace of any 'sge' process.

If I stop it, with '/etc/init.d/sgeexecd stop', I receive the message

Shutting down Grid Engine execution daemon
ls: /opt/sge/default/spool/scandium/active_jobs: No such file or  

Is there something wrong that I am missing on my configuration?

Thanks for any hand you could give me to clarify this.



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