[GE users] Having only one "default queue"

Matt Phelps mphelps at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 28 21:42:35 BST 2006

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Forgive the newbie question:

I've just upgraded a ROCKS cluster so now it's using GE 6.0u6 (Linux
CentOS 4.1 on AMD Opteron based Sun V20zs)

By default it creates all.q which uses all compute nodes, that's fine.

I cloned that queue, named it longq, and just modified the nice value to
be 19. I want to make this queue only accessible to those who explicitly
ask for it with the "-q longq" parameter. Right now, if all.q is full, and
someone simply does a "qsub script.sh" without specifying a queue, it'll
go into longq. I don't want that to happen; I want it to wait for a slot in
all.q to open up.

I've told the users to put "-q all.q" in their scripts or use it on the
command line, but they don't always remember.

Again, sorry for the simple question.

Matt Phelps
System Administrator, Computation Facility
Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
mphelps at cfa.harvard.edu, http://cfa-www.harvard.edu

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