[GE users] Open MPI and Kerberos questions...

Goncalo Borges goncalo at lip.pt
Fri Mar 31 10:22:23 BST 2006

Dear Reuti and All SGE users,

I'm trying to implement MPI facilities in SGE. 
For that purpose, I'm following the how-to available in:  

Nevertheless, I have noticed that MPI developers have freezed-out the 
LAM-MPI software which is now only in maintenance mode. They clearly 
say that people should move to Open MPI software.

In that sense, I would like to ask if the previous how-to is still valid 
for Open MPI or if we should stick to the LAM-MPI software? 
I guess there will come the time where LAM-MPI will be completelly dropped out....

Other different question...
Some time ago I have asked some questions in the mailing list regarding 
the SGE support for Kerberos but I didn't received any answer. Looking to 
the mailing list archives, I have seen that some work was done in the past 
but the code to support Kerberos was never certified and tested.

Could you please give me "state of the art" information regarding the 
SGE support for Kerberos?

Thanks in advance

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