[GE users] [ANN] rq-2.3.2

ara.t.howard at noaa.gov ara.t.howard at noaa.gov
Tue May 2 20:09:05 BST 2006

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, Rayson Ho wrote:

> Is it possible to run rq as a normal user??

yes.  it requires zero-root privs.  a non-priv'd scientist should be able to
setup a linux-cluster from scratch in 3-10 minutes.  including compilation of
all code.  rq does not even require any ports to be opened - all coms are via
nfs so, if your nfs install is good (note that very few are - locking ports
are generally hosed as sysads don't understand how to firewall nfs in my
experience) then you are set.

> It would be cool if we can dynamically create a rq cluster on the fly
> in a PE, and when all the tasks are done, clean it up...

people have indeed been doing similar things - dynamically setting up
clusters, running stuff through them, and tearing them down.

>> From SGE point of view, it just looks like a normal PE job :)

the double quote here makes it look like there was another response, but dont'
have any in my mailbox?  just wanted to make sure i didn't miss some

kind regards.

be kind whenever possible... it is always possible.
- h.h. the 14th dali lama

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