[GE users] failed to send GDI request

Christophe Lambert Christophe.Lambert at fundp.ac.be
Mon May 8 12:45:11 BST 2006


I just installed SGE 6.0 on my Linux cluster (starting with one node and
one server).

Everything seems OK but when I type qstat on the server, the message is
"failed to send GDI request". When I am typing the same command on the
node (all nodes are also configured as administrative) there is no
problem at all. Same with qmon and other commands.

After some minutes, I found that disabling the server firewall ("service
iptables stop") solve the problem. As I don't want to disable the
firewall, I searched what is wrong. After some hours, I tested this
firewall config:


This config must disable all controls (all ACCEPT, no REJECT). But qstat
continue to respond "failed to send GDI request".

So the problem seems to be iptables related.

Any idea ?

OS is RHEL 3 update 7.
SELinux is disabled.
Server has qmaster and sched running, node has only execd running.

Thanks in advance,
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