[GE users] 5.3p7 SGE intro presentation

Fred L Youhanaie fly at anydata.co.uk
Thu May 11 20:35:31 BST 2006

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Hi Mark,

Mark Casella wrote:
> We have been using 5.3p6 under the covers for a while and have a lot of 
> experience with it. We may move to 6.0, but personally I usually wait 
> until a .1 release of anything and the majority of the kinks are already 
> worked out. For example, we probably will not use the berkleydb which is 

I don't know if this is already documented on the gridengine web site, I 
understand the .x in the gridengine release numbers tend to be major 
releases, so 6.1 is likely to have many major changes. The equivalent of 
.1 for the current release would have been 6.0u1, we are at 6.0u8 now :-)

> now the default in setup. We are watching the posts carefully and there 
> seems to still be a few outstanding issues with 6.0

I think a good deal of these tend to be local site [mis]configuration 
related, rather than bugs.

The reason for more [apparent] issues with 6.0 than 5.3 may be due to 
5.3 not being used by as many people as 6.0, but I could be wrong!

> We will install 6.0 on a test cluster and put it through it's paces but 
> probably not mainline it yet. It will be interesting to see if our issue 
> with TruCluster goes away with 6.0

I'm sure I've seen TruCluster mentioned here in the past, so someone 
must have been successful with it.

Good luck

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