[GE users] [commercial] 1-day Grid Engine technical seminar with user/usage focus - June 2 2006, Boston

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri May 12 01:35:58 BST 2006

This is a commercial announcement for which I apologize in advance.   
I'm still trying to prove to myself and others that there is at least  
a little bit of demand out there for Grid Engine training that is  
centered around user, usage and application integration rather than  
just a strict administration focus.

The first open-enrollment seminar test was done back in October 2005  
and went well so it's time to see if it can be reproduced. The  
seminar model is the same as last time -- a very small group of  
attendees meeting in comfortable surroundings for a 1-day meeting.

The course announcement is here:

A brief overview of what we are trying to accomplish:

>> Intended Audience:
>> -------------------------------------------
>> Anyone interested in a user-centric view of distributed computing  
>> with Grid Engine. Note: this is not an advanced operator/admin  
>> course.
>> Our goal is to help users, application integrators and developers  
>> understand Grid Engine features and capabilities in a way that  
>> allows them to become more productive at home. New SGE cluster  
>> operators or administrators also may benefit from the user and  
>> usage-centric perspective.
>> The seminar will be taught with a life science informatics focus,  
>> using bioinformatics workflows and applications as examples. As  
>> Grid Engine usage and configuration patterns can differ  
>> significantly between disciplines and industries, interested non- 
>> life-science attendees should contact us in advance to determine  
>> if this seminar will be a good fit.


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