[GE users] N1GE - LDAP

Rui Ramos rramos at iric.up.pt
Mon May 15 16:54:37 BST 2006

 Hi there,

  Does anybody have the GridEngine working with LDAP. I have a external LDAP server where i get the user and group ID's but when submitting a job i get:

" can't get password entry for user "rramos". Either the user does not exist or NIS error! "

I can connect to all the nodes with this user. If i set the user in passwd it work's. But i don't want to do that.

when submitting i see it gets the Id's correctly

owner:                      userX
uid:                        10001
group:                      groupX
gid:                        10000

but when i do qacct -j jobID i get:

group        UNKNOWN             
owner        userX 

I'm using SGE6_u7.

                                    Any thoughts ? thanks in advance

 Rui Manuel dos Santos Ramos

 Instituto de Recursos e Iniciativas Comuns
 Pra_a Gomes Teixeira, 4099-002 Porto, Portugal

 phone : +351 223 401 571
 e-mail: rramos[at]iric.up.pt

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