[GE users] policy configuration

SLIM H.A. h.a.slim at durham.ac.uk
Tue May 16 10:38:37 BST 2006

In the policy configuration dialog box of qmon I want to change the
Maximum Functional Jobs and Maximum Pending Task per Job values as
administrator. Currentlu they are both zero. I want to increase these
but the only values the spinboxes allow me are 0 and -2. I also get the

Warning: max_pending_tasks_per_job: 
Requested maximum is less than current spinbox value!
Warning: max_functional_jobs: 
Requested maximum is less than current spinbox value!

from the console. The output I get from the qconf -ssconf command is
The values for max_functional_jobs_to_schedule and
are 4294967294 which I suspect correspond to -2.
Has anyone an idea why I cannot change these parameters to sensible

Thanks for your help

Output of qconf -ssconf:
algorithm                         default
schedule_interval                 0:0:15
maxujobs                          75
queue_sort_method                 load
job_load_adjustments              np_load_avg=0.50
load_adjustment_decay_time        0:7:30
load_formula                      np_load_avg
schedd_job_info                   true
flush_submit_sec                  0
flush_finish_sec                  0
params                            none
reprioritize_interval             0:2:0
halftime                          168
usage_weight_list                 cpu=1.000000,mem=0.000000,io=0.000000
compensation_factor               5.000000
weight_user                       0.250000
weight_project                    0.250000
weight_department                 0.250000
weight_job                        0.250000
weight_tickets_functional         0
weight_tickets_share              180000
share_override_tickets            TRUE
share_functional_shares           TRUE
max_functional_jobs_to_schedule   4294967294
report_pjob_tickets               TRUE
max_pending_tasks_per_job         4294967294
halflife_decay_list               none
policy_hierarchy                  OFS
weight_ticket                     0.010000
weight_waiting_time               0.000000
weight_deadline                   3600000.000000
weight_urgency                    0.100000
weight_priority                   1.000000
max_reservation                   0
default_duration                  0:10:0

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