[GE users] Newbie: @group and fractional usage

Göran Uddeborg uddeborg at carmen.se
Wed May 17 15:42:36 BST 2006

David Kulp writes:
> First, I'm running on linux and attempts to create a userlist with  
> the @unixgroup notation doesn't seem to work.  qmon accepts it, but  
> subsequent commands don't recognize it.  For example, I added  
> "@group" to the deadlineusers userset, but when I try to submit  
> deadline jobs I get an error 'job rejected: the user "dkulp" is no  
> deadline initiation user'.

Last I looked at this, SGE only considered the "primary group" of a
user in the @unixgroup notation.  "Supplementary groups" were
ignored.  Maybe you fell into that trap?

(I seem to remember the reason should be some efficiency problems.
That sounds a bit strange to me, it's not that many groups to look up
for a user.  But I haven't looked closer.)

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