[GE users] Newbie: @group and fractional usage

David Kulp dkulp+sge at cs.umass.edu
Wed May 17 16:09:24 BST 2006

On May 17, 2006, at 10:48 AM, Sean Dilda wrote:

> David Kulp wrote:
>> On May 17, 2006, at 9:35 AM, Sean Dilda wrote:
>>> David Kulp wrote:
>> Hmm.  I'm use /etc/passwd.  There are no execd_params parameters   
>> set.  And yet the group name (from /etc/group) specified for the  
>> user  in /etc/passwd does not work.  I've tried "@group", "group",  
>> "@gid",  and "gid".  I also tried adding "USE_QSUB_GID" to  
>> execd_params.  I  checked my current gid with "id -g" and updated  
>> the userlist  accordingly.  But still no go.  Only individual user  
>> names works for me.
> That sounds odd.  As a test submit a job (not a deadline job).   
> Then run 'qstat -j <jobid>' on it.  Somewhere around the sixth line  
> it should say 'group:' and have a group name after it.  That's the  
> group SGE thinks you're in.  Does it match with what you think the  
> group should be?

The group and gid are as expected.  Weird.

Let's see if I can figure out how to do this from the command line to  
prove that I'm not doing anything stupid.  Below, I show that my  
group is what's expected and that adding @group fails to allow me to  
run deadline jobs, but adding my user name works fine.

$ qconf -sconf | grep execd_params
execd_params              USE_QSUB_GROUP
$ qsub test.sh
your job 1392 ("test.sh") has been submitted
$ qstat -j 1392 | grep group
group:                      brl
$ id
uid=24842(dkulp) gid=950(brl) groups=950(brl),500(apps),951(brladmin)
$ qconf -su deadlineusers
name       deadlineusers
type       ACL
oticket    0
fshare     0
entries    NONE
$ qconf -au @brl deadlineusers
added "@brl" to access list "deadlineusers"
$ qconf -su deadlineusers | grep entries
entries    @brl
$ qsub -dl 200605171200 test.sh
job rejected: the user "dkulp" is no deadline initiation user
$ qconf -au dkulp deadlineusers
added "dkulp" to access list "deadlineusers"
$ qsub -dl 200605171200 test.sh
your job 1393 ("test.sh") has been submitted

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