[GE users] execution nodes scalability

Krzysztof Wilk chris at gridwisetech.com
Thu May 18 11:24:30 BST 2006

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Hi all,

I have a large pool of execution nodes (e.g. 65,536). Only a fraction of
them (e.g. 256) are used at once. I need to use only one hostgroup.

Would it be possible to add 65,536 create host entries and then add them
to the same hostgroup?

Do you think single GE master will handle thousand of execution nodes?

Will they be completely ignored by scheduler daemon if they are not
referred by any queue/pe/hostgroup/project/department?

Will the master daemon be polling all the configured nodes for their
availability periodically?

Chris Wilk                            chris.wilk at gridwisetech.com

GridwiseTech                          office/fax: +48 12 294 71 20

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