[GE users] qhost show wrong NCPU value

Thiep Duong Thiep.Duong at am.necel.com
Thu May 18 21:17:13 BST 2006

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I just upgrade my SGE from 5.3 to 6.0u7 recently. Things works fine
for me so far.  When I do qhost, I got some of the number under NCPU
reported '0' or negative' number.

I am making a user's defined consumable complex with name num_proc --
To allow user to fill up the slots on a system (l slots=2 is not allowed).
Is this num_proc is a reserved word on SGE_6.0?

global                  -               -     -       -       -       -       -
blinux1                 lx24-x86        2  0.00    3.8G  245.3M   17.7G   44.5M
blinux2                 lx24-x86        2  0.01    3.8G  251.8M   17.7G   36.5M
blinux3                 lx24-x86        2  0.00    3.8G  252.6M   18.0G   33.8M
blinux5                 lx24-x86        2  0.00    3.8G  271.5M   18.0G     0.0
optqlinux19             lx24-amd64      4  0.00   30.8G  511.0M  136.7G   29.6M
optlinux10              lx24-amd64      2  0.00   15.4G  730.2M   46.2G   16.1M
blinux6                 lx24-x86        0  2.00    3.7G    1.3G   17.8G   30.6M
scblad03                sol-sparc64    -2  0.01   16.0G    2.3G   26.1G   11.0M

Problem only seems to be on older Redhat-7/8 system, or some solaris system.
I don't see problem on any of my opteron, running redhat-3.0

Any better suggestion for user to reserve the whole system to run job
other than mimicking the consumable slots?


Thiep.Duong at am.necel.com

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