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Brett W Grant Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com
Thu May 25 06:42:07 BST 2006

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I have been using gridware for about a year now, but not administering it. 
Anyway, I have a network of computers that is administered by out IT dept.  I am
not sure of what you call it, but only the head node is visible on the network,
the executions hosts are all hidden behind the one computer that users can log
into.  These computers are all linux boxes running RHE4.  I think that I have
about 45 of these machines.
I have a small cluster of 7 macs running OSX that my group owns.  Each computer
is visible on the network.  Due to the nature of the jobs that we run, unless I
have a small group of jobs, I don't ever use these macs.  Rather than just
letting them sit, I would like to add them to my larger cluster.  The IT
department will not administer the macs, but they don't object if I add them.
Here is my problem.  I have no idea on how to add them.  I have admin privileges
on the macs, but not on the linux cluster.  I am an sge administrator on both
I would assume that I need to shut down the grid that is currently running on
the macs, but can I assume that I don't need to reinstall sge_execd?
I went to the linux cluster qmon and tried to add an execution host, but it
doesn't seem complete.  For example, I know that I can only communicate with the
macs using ssh, but I didn't where I could set that.
Perhaps I can't even do what I want.  Perhaps I am just in over my head, but it
seems like it should be possible.  Maybe I am just looking at the wrong sections
of the manual.  Any help would be appreciated.
Brett Grant
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