[GE announce] Script for accounting(8) file analysis

Andreas Haas ah114088 at germany.sun.com
Fri May 26 11:44:56 BST 2006

Hi all,

I added a Ruby script for accounting file analysis to


directory of maintrunk and made it available under


usage is

      analyze.rb <options> accounting_file
        -r                                records table
        -u                                users table
        -h                                hosts table
        -q                                queues table
        -p                                projects table
        -c                                categories table
        -ts                               timesteps table
        -ts_c                             categories per timestep
        -ts_j                             jobs per timestep
        -t "first"|<first> "last"|<last>  full analysis, but print these timesteps only

the reason I worked on it is I needed job and category analysis on
a timestep basis as provided by -ts -ts_c -ts_j and -t options.

I think it is useful, even though it is certainly not perfect.
E.g. rescheduled job are not orderly handled and there are
certainly other insufficiencies.

Give it a try, but be careful when using it with large accounting


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