[GE users] asking about the meaning of slots

laynejg laynejg at vcu.edu
Fri May 26 20:43:22 BST 2006

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hi folks,
     I'm a little confused about some wording in the documentation, pg. 
50, of "N1 Grid Engine 6 Administration Guide", I'm trying to really 
nail down the meaning of the term slots.  I followed the thread "[GE 
users] SGE6.0: What do slots mean?", but became confused about whether 
changes were being made in the Queue Configuration window's General 
Configuration tab (as seen on page 48 of the Administration Guide), or 
in the Host Configuration window.  My take at the moment on these slots 
is this:  when you set the number of slots in the Queue Configuration 
window's General Configuration tab, then for the queue you're setting 
up, every queue instance involved with that queue can have, at most, 
that many jobs submitted to it by the SGE.  Is this correct?  The 
definition of slots on page 50 of the Administration Guide leads me to 
think that if, say, slots == 2 under the General Configuration tab, then 
only 2 jobs would be allowed to run in the queue as a whole and that 
certainly doesn't seem correct.  Anyway, I would really appreciate 
clarification on this.  Thanks a lot in advance,
     johnny layne

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