[GE users] asking about the meaning of slots

laynejg laynejg at vcu.edu
Fri May 26 21:23:25 BST 2006

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    Thanks a lot Daniel, I'll chew on this a little while but I think 
that's what I wanted to know.  It may just be that I have to take some 
nodes out of all.q to do what we're trying to do, which will involve a 
lot of other head-scratching too.  Just one more thing, we are talking 
about the "Slots" box on the Queue Configuration window's General 
Configuration Tab, right?  Sorry to be picky, I'm feeling a little 
overwhelmed and frazzled at the moment.  Thanks a lot!  Wow what a quick 
reply, I love this mailing list.

Daniel Templeton wrote:
> Johnny,
> If the number of slots is 2, that means that every host in the cluster 
> queue can run at most 2 jobs.  If there are three hosts, that makes 
> 2*3=6 jobs total.  Be aware, though, that you can set the number of 
> slots that a queue instance has, which overrides the number inherited 
> from the cluster queue.  For example:
> I have two hosts, host1 and host2, and one queue, all.q.  all.q has 
> both host1 and host2 in the host list.  That means I have one cluster 
> queue, all.q, which has two queue instances, all.q at host1 and 
> all.q at host2.  If all.q is set to have 2 slots, both queue instances 
> will inherit that number, meaning that all.q at host1 and all.q at host2 
> will both have 2 slots each.  If I then set all.q at host1 to have 4 
> slots, that value will override the value inherited from all.q, 
> leaving all.q at host1 with 4 slots and all.q at host2 still with 2, for a 
> total of 6 slots.  If you were to run "qconf -sq all.q", you'd see the 
> value of "slots" would be "2,[host1=4]", which means the default is 2, 
> but host1 gets 4, just as described above.  Make sense?
> Hope that helps,
> Daniel

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