[GE users] How to select a queue with h_rt ?

Jerome jerome at ibt.unam.mx
Mon May 29 23:33:43 BST 2006

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Reuti wrote:
> how many slost are on the machines this way? Or: why do you want to  
> have several queues? In SGE the paradigm is: submit a job with  
> requirements and SGE will select a suitable queue for you. So an one  
> hour job can of course also run in the medium queue. You could try to  
> work with sequence numbers in the queue definition, but if the first  
> queue is full (the rapid one), it will select the second queue again.
Hi Reuti.
Thank's for your answer, but it seems that i need some time to adapt me 
on the SGE paradigm :-)
So, we had this queues on the PBS system because we have in general 
three types of jobs: The jobs that run rapidly (<2 hours), the jobs that 
need more time (<= 24 hours), and others that run for days o weeks.
The policy is to reserv the more nodes for the rapids jobs. And we 
reserv some nodes for long jobs, like 40% of the cpus.
That's was why we need this three queues with PBS, as we put more 
priority on the rapid queue.
But maybe i'm wrong with SGE, as there should be a better way to satisfy 
this requirements ? Sure i have to investigate more.
> Please have a look at `man sge_request`.
Yes, i've just see this man page to have some explanations.

Best Regards.

-- Jérôme
Avec le mot "si" on peut faire tout ce qu'on ne peut pas faire.
	(Pierre Dac)

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