[GE users] reservation ?

Rui Ramos rramos at iric.up.pt
Tue May 30 10:54:02 BST 2006

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Hi there,

 Just a dumb question i guess. But how does the N1GE deals with advance researvation?
 I'm making some tests and if i have queue that's full and have this list of jobs waiting

 jobA    4 slots
 jobB    1 slot
 jobB.1  1 slot
 jobB.2  1 slot

 Let's say that the jobs of type B are very quick and a user submits 2000 of them. On the other hand, we have a job that requires 4 slots. But each time we have a free slot it starts a job of type B. following this the jobA only executes when all jobB are finished. Unless the GridEngine can make some kind of slot reservation for jobs with higher priority ? Is this native in the N1GE scheduler, do we need to set it up ? or advance reservation is just not possible ?

                    Apreciate any lights on the subject, thanks

 Rui Manuel dos Santos Ramos

 Instituto de Recursos e Iniciativas Comuns
 Pra?a Gomes Teixeira, 4099-002 Porto, Portugal

 phone : +351 223 401 571
 e-mail: rramos[at]iric.up.pt
    web: http://ruiramos.homeip.net

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