[GE users] getting consumable resource limit from command line

Chris Briggs chris at radiospire.com
Sun Oct 1 22:27:25 BST 2006

Hi, I'm a newbie to SGE. I've tried searching the docs and list archives
but haven't found the answer to this. If I missed something, please just
point me to it. We're using 6.0-u8.

We've created a consumable resource to control the number of jobs I can
have running during regression testing. How can I find out the current
value that it's set to from the command line? Note, I'm not looking for
the number of this resource that's still available, but what the limit

Looking through the man pages, I thought that some form of "qconf
-sobjl" would work, but the only thing I can get out of that is the list
of hosts if I do "qconf -sobjl exechost complex_values \*". Am I on the
right track?

Thanks much.

Chris Briggs
Principal Verification Engineer, Radiospire Networks
chris at radiospire.com

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