[GE users] qlicserver/License/FlexLM questions: Anyone using subordinate queues and lmremove

Wilfried Gaensheimer wilfried at gaensheimer.de
Fri Oct 13 14:12:12 BST 2006


I'm using a qlicserver-based (*) license monitoring approach to maintain
the available licenses for our applications (semi-conductor EDA/CAD tools).

Unfortunately some of our key license features can be used both in batch mode
(e.g. for lots of repeating regression runs,mostly over night) and 
interactively.  As some of the regressions are running a very long time,
it happens that batch jobs occupy all available features and no licenses
are available for direct and interactive usage.

With the help of a subordinate queue we could stop some of the regressions,
but to my knowledge the application will still occupy the license.

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