[GE users] Qlicserver question: internal license count

Wilfried Gaensheimer wilfried at gaensheimer.de
Fri Oct 13 15:25:23 BST 2006

Hi everyone,

maybe you have seen my previous message. As already said we are using
qlicserver, but:
there is one thing i don't understand with the new method described in

It says:

> ...
> Then:
> start a non-GridEngine job that occupies 2 licenses:
> After a delay, the load sensor adjusts the number of licenses available for 
> the GridEngine.

>  load_values      NONE
>   complex_values   license=2
>  (internal_count) NONE
>  (available)      license=2

> Apart from the delay inherent with the load sensor approach, there is no
> internal race condition and we've thus eliminated the significant failings
> of the previous problems. Small problems still exist, but at least the worst
> problems have been addressed.    

Now start three jobs, each requesting one license through grid now.
I would assume that SGE will schedule two of them at once:

 load_values      NONE
 complex_values   license=2
 (internal_count) license=2
 (available)      license=0  (complex - internal_count)

Internal count is 2 now, because the licenses are configured as consumable 
resources. The next time qlicserver is running, the situation changes like

load_values      NONE
complex_values   license=0 (*)
(internal_count) license=2
(available)      license=-2  (complex - internal_count)

(*) Set by qlicserver -> diff -> $managed = $total - $extern

In other words: the internal licenses are counted twice? Maybe I misunderstand 
qlicserver, esp. munge_licenses is pretty complex (and it says

"   # remove usage that is already accounted for
    # remove non-existent / implausible entry"

Or the internal_count gets reset whenever qconf is used to change the 
complex_values? That would make sense then.

Obviously there is then the problem of a job picking up the license >after< 
jobstart and the following qlicserver ran again? 

Hmm, what did I miss?

So far qlicserver does it's job, so in practice everything seems o.k.
Our major license is centralized as serves features to our global 
organization's SGE cells, therefore I have to completely understand
what's going on there.

Thanks, bye, happy weekend
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