[GE users] SE Linux

Gruhn Daniel J Contractor AF/A9IT Daniel.Gruhn.ctr at pentagon.af.mil
Mon Oct 16 13:20:43 BST 2006

Greetings everyone,
I am interested in trying to set up a Grid using a cluster running with
SELinux enabled.  I have searched the web and the user group archives and
the only mentions I find are statements of the "...turn off SELinx..." or
"...I have turned off SELinux..." variety.
Has anyone setup Grid Engine with a viable set of SELinux security policies?
If so, could I get a copy of any documentation that you have?  I understand
this may be a sensitive subject, so anything anyone feels comfortable
contributing would be greatly appreciated.  Perhaps we could also get it
posted to the HOWTOs or wiki.




Daniel J.Gruhn, CTR (Group W Inc.)


Studies & Analyses, Assesments and Lessons Learned


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