[GE users] SGE Setup Insight/Point-of-clarification

Langston, Chris Chris.Langston at aa.com
Wed Oct 18 18:25:40 BST 2006



We are in the process of moving our development and production
environments to new hardware and physical locations and I'm seeking some
advice/clarification on setting up a new SGE installation. Any insight
will be greatly appreciated.


Currently, our development and production servers can see each other via
nfs mounts, but under the new scheme this will not be possible. Not only
will they be seperated physically by being located in separate
buildings, but they will also be cut-off by firewall access. Only
limited port access will be permitted and those do *not* include the
qmaster and execd ports. The plan is to install separate grids (6.0u8
with ssh integration) for the development and production environments. 


My question then is; is there danger in duplicating the installations -
using the same port numbers and "default" cell name - for the two
installations? On paper it seems this should be possible; but are there
hidden pitfalls I should be aware of and take into consideration? Would
it be an issue if the home directories are visible between development
and production servers? This isn't suppose to be the case, but I want to
cover all bases just in case they change their minds in the setup.


Thanks in advance for any insight.




Chris Langston

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